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Supplier shortages cause more U.S. auto production disruption

Last updated: 03/22/2021

Severe weather, port blockages and microchip shortages are wreaking havoc on U.S. auto production with Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. now facing disruptions. The...

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Making Cars Safer while Balancing Work and Family— Advice on Getting It All Done

Last updated: 03/05/2021

Career Comment If you aren’t familiar with them or their work, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) works to make cars safer. Automated driving, robotics, machine-assisted cognition,...

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Understanding “Hands-Free” Driver Assistance Systems

Last updated: 03/02/2021

As a former journalist, I know how hard covering automated driving technology can be. Making such a complex technology comprehensible to a general audience is particularly...

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Plus Self-Driving Trucks

Last updated: 02/28/2021

Plus (formerly, a leading company in self-driving truck technology, announced that Dennis Mooney, a former senior executive of Navistar International Corporation and...

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Motional Announces Transition To Driverless Ride-Hailing

Last updated: 02/25/2021

As another indication that 2021 is a turning point year for “true driverless” mobility services, Motional announced today the initiation of driverless operations within their...

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Level 3: The tipping point for AD

Last updated: 02/18/2021

Whether or not progress has halted at level 3, this stage of development, where automated driving can occur for short periods of time, has been a point of discussion recently....

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Automated-driving tech, finally explained in everyday terms

Last updated: 02/06/2021

The Levels of Automation were supposed to be for engineers. But the numeric scale that describes the capabilities of various driver-assistance and autonomous-driving systems —...

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Co-creating framework conditions for advanced connected and automated mobility

Last updated: 01/30/2021

Since their invention, and their subsequent mass production and global use over the last century, cars and other motorised vehicles have certainly evolved. The advancement of...

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How aiDrive accelerates Sony’s VISION-S Prototype

Last updated: 01/26/2021

Delivering automated driving and driver assistance functions for a brand-new vehicle designed from scratch is a huge opportunity. We can fine-tune the sensor setup, the...

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Boring! Kodiak’s Trucks Calmly Drive Themselves While Safety Driver Watches

Last updated: 01/14/2021

Self-driving trucks developed by Kodiak Robotics, Inc. are now routinely navigating Interstate 45 between Dallas and Houston, a 200-mile journey, without a safety driver ever...

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