Virtual Car Seat Check Questionnaire

Virtual Car Seat Check Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in participating in this FREE Virtual Car Seat Check with Sarah Tilton, Child Passenger Safety Technician and Certified Instructor. Please review the following message and complete this questionnaire to set up an appointment. First come, first serve.

To help protect families from the COVID-19 outbreak, many car seat check events have been cancelled nationwide. As a result, Britax is now offering caregivers virtual car seat checks with Sarah Tilton to provide customized one-on-one education on installation and/or harnessing children in their car seat. While Sarah is willing to assist with  of car seat, we also strongly recommend that caregivers check with the manufacturer of their car seat if they have specific questions or concerns. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse or stop any session at any time.

One car seat per consultation. Request an additional session for more than one car seat. Review both your car seat user guide and vehicle owner’s manual prior to our discussion. Have both of them available for reference during the session. Try installing your car seat using the car seat user guide and vehicle owner’s manual ahead of your appointment. Test your WiFi connectivity or cellular reception while standing in the location where you will have your vehicle parked for the virtual appointment. Have a helper available to hold the phone or tablet while you interact with the technician and your car seat. Be sure your car is in a well-lit area with plenty of space on either side of the vehicle to open the doors all the way. Please be ready to start promptly at your scheduled time, as we may have appointments back to back. We want to be available to assist as many caregivers as we can, so extending your time may not be possible.

As an active CPS Technician (2002-Present) and Instructor (2004-Present), Sarah is deeply committed in the study and advancement of child passenger safety. She is the Britax Americas advocate who participates in public outreach programs, practical automobile safety training & research as well as child passenger technician training.

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