Car Accidents Caused by San Francisco's Wet Winter Conditions - The Cartwright Law Firm

Car Accidents Caused by San Francisco's Wet Winter Conditions - The Cartwright Law Firm

When the weather changes, so do the risks of driving in the Bay Area. If you are in a car accident in adverse weather, you should discuss your rights with an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney as soon as possible. 

With the winter season upon us, thecar accident attorneysof Cartwright Law Firm hope that drivers use greater caution on the roadways. San Francisco’s warm and foggy conditions in the summer yield to the mild but wet winter, with most of the precipitation occurring during the winter months. The springtime and autumn months also have the tendency to be damp in comparison to the balmy summer. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) hasstudied the impacts of precipitation, and its findings state the obvious – that rain impairs visibility and drivers are more likely to slide and skid. Hydroplaning is an especially perilous situation when the vehicle slides uncontrollably on a wet surface. Worn tires can increase the likelihood of hydroplaning, and water depth plays a factor, as well – the deeper the water, the easier it is to lose traction. Cars can easily spin-out in wintery weather conditions when the vehicle becomes so unbalanced it enters into a sideways turn and continues to spin.

Other dangers await, as well. On a clear and pristine day, drivers can easily spot potholes, but when it is raining, water on the roadway can hide these landmines entirely.

In many auto accident cases our attorneys have litigated, excessive speed has been a big factor. Drivers need to realize that in rainy conditions, more time is required to slow and stop. The speed limits posted on San Francisco Bay Area roadways typically are only appropriate for dry-weather driving conditions, and in inclement weather, slower speeds are necessary for safe traffic operations. 

Add slippery conditions to our already crowded Bay Area roadways, and the chances of a car accident injury rise significantly. Our experienced attorneys have represented clients who suffered all types of injuries when negligent drivers operate their vehicle recklessly in rainy weather. Some of them sadly result in permanent disability. These injuries include:

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries during rainy conditions, our lawyers will go the distance to obtain the compensation you need and deserve. When other drivers do not respect the safety of others and decide to drive negligently on slippery roads, Cartwright Law Firm will hold them to account. 

Our firm has the resources to determine who was at fault in an auto accident and preserve evidence before it is lost. You’ll find that our experienced legal team will leave no stone unturned when evaluating your case and taking the steps necessary to recover damages during San Francisco’s winter months. 

At Cartwright Law Firm, we handle claims stemming from a wide range of accidents and circumstances. If you believe another driver was responsible for causing your accident,contact usfor informed advice and a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to formulate the best course of action in the aftermath of your car accident.