Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

How many times have you turned on the radio and heard the same law firm advertisement over and over? Or flipped on the TV and seen the same lawyer’s commercial for the 10th time? While these types of advertising can improve brand awareness, many people have cut the cord and switched to music streaming services, making traditional law firm marketing less effective.

To bring more clients into your practice, consider adding digital marketing to your marketing strategy. In particular, social media marketing can extend your advertising’s reach, improve your firm’s online presence, help highlight your ABA membership and build brand awareness within your community. Here’s how:

When someone searches for you online, what do they find? Your website and main social media profiles will likely be at the top of search results. Incomplete social profiles or profiles without recent posts can make your business appear outdated, or worse, untrustworthy. Having branded social media profiles with engaging content can make your business appear more reputable in the eyes of potential clients. To optimize your social profiles, make sure they have information about your firm and practice areas, and share positive past client testimonials to provide social proof. Our guide to DIY social media marketing has more easy social media optimization tips to get you started on the right path.

2.) Social media can establish you as a thought leader

Sharing your expertise on social media doesn’t just establish you as a thought leader — it can also help you attract followers who are interested in hearing your views.

For example, commenting on a high-profile case in your community or sharing your thoughts on new bills that affect your practice areas shows that you stay up to date on legal news that can affect your clients. People choose a lawyer that can get them results, so showing your expertise through thought leadership is a great way to improve your trustworthiness.

3.) Social media helps you connect with your community

How does your law firm show up for your community? Whether you give a yearly donation to a nonprofit, participate in a monthly service day for a local cause or sponsor the town’s little league, use social media to share how your practice cares about your community.

Staying active on social media also lets you follow prominent leaders and businesses in your community. By engaging with other people’s posts through comments, likes and conversations, you can help boost your firm’s awareness by building social relationships.

Oftentimes, people who need a lawyer are in vulnerable circumstances and want someone by their side who can empathize with what they’re going through.

Giving your social followers an inside look at your firm is a great way to show the human side of your practice. Attorney highlights, client testimonials and community-focused social posts can help you build a positive first impression for potential clients and show the personality behind your firm.

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