Explore the Active Transportation Safety Webinars & Events Coming Up in December

Explore the Active Transportation Safety Webinars & Events Coming Up in December

Explore our round-up of webinars and events coming up in December highlighting the latest road safety trends and best practices in planning and designing safe spaces for walking, biking, scooting, and rolling! Have a webinar you'd like us to share? Please submit your event here.

Hosted By: US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

Hear about the latest tech and innovative approaches to transition plan implementation. This webinar will inform you on new tech advances available to help maximize impact and increase accessibility.

In this webinar, the Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities program will share how they shifted their activities in light of the coronavirus pandemic. They worked closely with community members to advanced shared goals and build the capacity, skills, and structures to ensure the work continues.

This webinar will discuss new, innovative approaches for a more sustainable future on trails.

In this webinar, the interconnected challenges of sustainability and health in transportation are discussed. Learn about resources and tools available to transportation professionals to integrate sustainability and health into transportation planning, project design, and programming.

The "right to the city" depends on the right to access the city, and U.S. regions are marked by profoundly unequal access - bus service is a prime example of this. It is simple to improve and has vast potential to better people's lives but thus far, discrimination in planning and politics has shaped it.

Hosted By: Road to Zero Coalition

The Road to Zero Coalition’s shared mission of getting to zero deaths by 2050 cannot be achieved without addressing the safety of our youngest road users - child passenger safety. This webinar will explore training, trends, and research and discuss opportunities on how to improve it systematically and within individual communities. 

A Vision Zero plan is a public document that provides the vision for future efforts to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero. This webinar will dive into ways in which those plans can be further improved or strengthened.  “Guide to Developing a Vision Zero Plan“ will be used to support this effort. Findings will be discussed from the plan abstraction. Feedback for communities will also be discussed.  

This webinar will discuss the Tribal Communities project which is funded through an Inclusive Health Innovation Grant. The goal is to understand how people with disabilities are currently engaged in tribal community planning processes. The webinar will also discuss how best to develop recommendations for expanding inclusion and ensuring the design and construction of safe and accessible transportation systems.

Quick-build is a method of building bike and pedestrian safety improvements within a budget. Alta partnered with the California Bicycle Coalition to deliver a Quick-Build Guide so that communities can meet public demand for safe active transportation networks affordably, quickly, and inclusively. This webinar will offer a panel of municipal staff from four cities in North America who have worked directly on quick-build projects this year. 

In this webinar, learn about the possible impacts on travel and land use of the emerging AV technology and focuses on advancing this innovative mobility option by making sure it serves the greater good of building sustainable and equitable communities in its adoption.

This webinar discusses how cities, states, and national agencies have all recognized that managing vehicle speeds are a very important part of reducing serious injuries and fatalities from motor vehicles. Listen to the change-makers working on this at the state and national level. In addition, concerns around policies and recent national research will also be addressed. 

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