How Can We Better Support a Walkable Community Movement? Share Your Vision With Us

How Can We Better Support a Walkable Community Movement? Share Your Vision With Us

2021 brings hope for change – what do you want it to be? We’re inviting you to share your challenges and your ideas for the future with us through THIS SURVEY, so that we can better represent and support local communities.

The intersecting challenges of health, climate, safety, and mobility justice call for transformative change.  We believe that change will come from engaged people in communities across the country, and the best solutions arise from the knowledge of those nearest the problem.

With a new administration in Washington, we are of course thinking about national policies. But please do not limit your responses to what the federal government can do – also identify the local changes you want to see.  And don’t just give us transportation policy. If you think the path to walkable, movable communities goes through other tools then let us know that. The survey intentionally contains open-ended questions because we don’t want to channel your input into well known ruts. 


The reality is that there is not one solution to creating our vision.  We face obstacles at every level of government, and in virtually every policy area. And our government represents a culture that is often hostile to those walking and moving outside of cars. 

With a new administration and hope that the pandemic will end, this is a time to think big – even if we know politics may constrain us. We are heartened by the ideas we’re now seeing. The new administration included sidewalks, transit, climate and racial equity astransition priorities.  The new USDOT head has committed to address highways that havedividedblack and brown communities.

With allies we are pushing for more money intransportation reauthorizationbills, and givingtransit 50% of the budget,not 20%.  We’ve called on USDOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration toprioritize pedestrian safety.

Advocates around the nation are calling formobility justice– eliminating laws and practices that constrain movement or lead to selective enforcement against black, indigenous and other people of color.  Others are calling to break down exclusionary zoning practices and invest in affordable housing so that more people can live in existing walkable communities.

Our mission is be a national voice for inclusive walkable communities, and to support local advocacy organizations through our webinars, Walking College, community changes grants and technical assistance programs. To do that, no matter the type and nature of your civic engagement, we need your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you!