Can the at-fault driver's insurance company deny or delay my claim?

Last updated: 10-06-2019

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Can the at-fault driver's insurance company deny or delay my claim?

You have been in an injury-causing incident or accident, now find yourself in need of medical care, perhaps losing work, having to deal with getting your car fixed and the other side’s insurance company. You were not at fault, and everything seems like it should be taken care of.

But, will it? Whether you’re dealing with your own insurance company or the other side’s insurance company, remember this: You are dealing with an insurance company.

Can they Dispute your claims? Yes.

Can they deny your claims? Yes. No matter how good or strong or certain you are that you did nothing wrong, you are still dealing with an insurance company, and they will make their own decisions. How do you fight this? How do you equal the odds?

The best option you have is to find an experienced personal injury trial attorney. An experienced personal injury trial attorney will be able to help you deal with the insurance companies absurd positions, and if they continue, be able to file a lawsuit for you to get you what you are entitled to under Arizona law. In truth, there are relatively few personal injury attorneys who are actually “trial attorneys”. That sounds kind of funny doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is true. A very small percentage of personal injury attorneys are actually willing to file lawsuit if necessary to get you the best results.

How do you tell the difference?

The best way is find the right attorney for your case is to do a bit of research.  Look online at their website, and find an attorney who is actually a trial attorney.  Look at their website and see what other clients are saying about them (Google Reviews).

Also, look for an attorney who is a Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death. The only way to achieve this distinction is to prove yourself in the courtrooms in Arizona—i.e., a “trial attorney”. Having troubles dealing with the insurance companies following your accident?  Zachar Law Firm has been helping accident victims in Arizona for almost 25 years. Chris Zachar and Dave Catanese are Certified Specialists in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, and have a proven and successful track record in filing lawsuits and getting the best results for our clients. Questions: Feel free to call us for a free consultation for your case.  Get the right information, get educated, then decide.

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