Is There a Future for Drones in Accident Cases?

Is There a Future for Drones in Accident Cases?

When traffic accidents happen, the accident scene typically has to be assessed by the police to determine the circumstances involved and to help clear the crash site so that traffic can begin to proceed safely again. The longer this process takes, the more likely it becomes that a secondary accident stemming from the wreckage of the original accident will occur, and drone usage may have a significant role to play in shortening this window and helping to keep our roadways safer. If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, don’t delay consulting with an experienced New York City personal injury attorney.

Traffic accidents are a fact of our heavily trafficked roads, and research out of Purdue University shares all of the following about these accidents (with statistics culled from various government agencies):

Researchers at Purdue note that it's those at the backend of any accident that are most vulnerable to oncoming motorists who may be inattentive to the fact that traffic has stalled or come to an abrupt halt. If we can find ways to speed up the process of investigating original accident scenes, we can help reduce secondary accidents, which is where drone technology comes in.

The Purdue report goes on to relay that traditional methods of mapping out the logistics of a serious traffic accident can take several hours but that a drone with thermal imaging capability can do the same work in from five to eight minutes – thus drastically reducing the associated danger. One official who has implemented drone technology for this very usage says that it can decrease traffic flow’s downtime by 60 percent overall. 

The drone process is based on the following components:

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