How To Be A Good Motorcycle Passenger

How To Be A Good Motorcycle Passenger

Being a motorcycle passenger can be a fun and exhilarating experience. If you ever asked yourself if you can have as much fun as the rider, the answer is a resounding yes. Being in the passenger seat gives you a unique and different experience when on a motorcycle. Add to the fact that it can add a fresh experience, should you ever become bored of being a routine driver. 

There are a few differences to keep in mind while being a passenger. The motorcycle driver will need the passenger to understand tips and information in order to have a safe drive. This is especially true for first-time passengers going on a ride. This article will provide you with tips to be the best passenger in order to have the most enjoyable experience. 

Ankle-covering shoes:  Unfortunately, a lot of passengers learn this lesson the hard way. It's always advised to wear shoes that cover your ankles and wear long pants. Why might this be the case? Wearing shoes that leave your ankles exposed are prone to come in contact with unpleasant objects that may harm you. This can range from your ankle contacting the rear wheel, debris and exhaust pipes. All of which can hurt a little (or a lot) and cut your fun short.   Leaning : Drivers tend to lean with each turn. It's important for you to follow suit, as well. Be mindful not to lean too much, or an imbalance on the bike may occur. Taking your driver's lead and leaning with him or her will help maintain traction and stability on the road.    Jackets : Jackets provide two benefits while riding. They provide protection in case of an accident and help keep you warm if it gets chilly out. While it is not required by law to wear a jacket, it's never a bad idea to wear one.    Wiggling : It's normal to move around while in a passenger vehicle, but motorcycles are different. Since you're only on two wheels, it's essential not to make any unexpected movements. Doing this may surprise the driver and lead to losing balance or cause an accident.    Communication:  Unless you're at a stoplight, be prepared to yell more often when trying to communicate. It's extremely hard to communicate with a loud motor, wind and helmets all at play. An alternative to this would be to use Bluetooth headsets.    Hand signals : If yelling or using Bluetooth isn't your thing, using hand signs is another great way to communicate with your driver. You can stick with the basics or get creative and create your own.    Hair ties : If you have long hair, it may be a good idea to tie it back. Having your hair tied back reduces the chances of it obscuring your vision while on the road. Even if you aren't in the driver's seat, it can be an annoyance to remove your hair from your field of view habitually. 

While there are a plethora of other tips and tricks on how to make a passenger ride more enjoyable, these seven tips are a great way to get acquainted with being on the road with the driver. For more information and resources, visit

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