Can a social host or a business be legally responsible for a drunk driving accident in Wisconsin?

Can a social host or a business be legally responsible for a drunk driving accident in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, social host liability and dram shop liability only apply in certain situations. Below, we will discuss when you may be able to sue a third party for a drunk driving accident and what you can do to protect your rights if you were hurt or a drunk driver killed your loved one.

A social host refers to an adult who knowingly and willingly provides alcohol at their home or property. A social host may be a parent who allows teens to drink in their home, an adult who provides alcohol for a teen party, or even an older sibling who allows their sibling or underage friend to use their ID to purchase beer.

A dram shop is a business, such as a bar, restaurant, or liquor store that sells alcohol.

Generally, social hosts and “dram shop” businesses are not responsible for drunk driving accidents caused by guests or customers who consumed alcohol at their homes or establishments.

However, a social host or a “dram shop” business may be sued for drunk driving injuries if they:

You may bring a personal injury or wrongful death case against an intoxicated driver even if you also have a social host or dram shop liability case. Our experienced Wisconsin accident lawyers will ensure that you consider all possible defendants and that you pursue fair damages from all liable parties.

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