Quick tips for titling your blog post

Quick tips for titling your blog post

A common question for new bloggers is how to title posts.

Titles are important. You want to pull the reader in with your topic of discussion and your established authority on the subject. At the same time, you want to show that you have written a readable piece that won’t be packed with boring legal language or a few paragraphs of you pandering for business.

So, how do you accomplish all of that in one brief title? These two key tips offer a good starting point.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of tailoring your title to SEO to grab as big of a readership as possible. But this marketing temptation isn’t always the best for tactic for your target audience.

If you’re specializing in a specific niche, you don’t need to go for almost ad-esque titles such as, “4 Strategies for Filing a Personal Injury Complaint” or “6 Best Ways to Attract Clients and Maximize Profits”. Instead, focus on the specific questions or news developments that might interest your specific clients (and potential clients).

Connecticut employment lawyer and niche leader Dan Schwartz consistently posts on pertinent questions and latest updates in his field with titles such as “Will We Ever Return to the Office Like “Normal” Again?” and “Beware the Budget Implementer: New Employment Laws On the Way”.

It’s okay to be cute and funny with a title to grab readers’ attention, but there’s a limit. Your top priority should be concise communication to your readers of what you’re about to discuss.

Keep in mind that your title is going to appear in many places outside your blog; whether that’s Google, the LexBlog front page, or an RSS reader like Feedly, you want to effectively show your focus and knowledge.

One strategy for hooking readers with effective language is asking a question in your title. Jeff Nowak frequently uses this tactic on his blog FMLA Insights in posts such as “President Biden Unveils his Pain Leave Plan: How Would the Plan Impact Employers?” Here, he makes it clear that he is going to discuss both the new plan and how it applies to his audience.

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