What Happens When an Accident Causes Compartment Syndrome?

What Happens When an Accident Causes Compartment Syndrome?

Compartment syndrome is a serious medical condition that may occur after a motor vehicle accident injury. People hurt in car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, or truck accidents should know about the risks and how to protect their legal right to a fair recovery.

Compartment syndrome often occurs after an arm, leg, hand, or foot is crushed in an accident. The crush injury causes swelling in the thick layers of tissue that separate groups of muscles in the arms and legs, which increases muscle pressure. Symptoms of compartment syndrome include:

A doctor may diagnose compartment syndrome after a physical examination. During the exam, the doctor will test to see if:

To confirm the diagnosis, the physician can measure the pressure in the compartment with a needle attached to a pressure meter. The needle is inserted into the area, and readings from the test will confirm compartment syndrome.

Surgery is often required to treat compartment syndrome. Long surgical cuts will be made through the fascia to relieve the pressure. The wounds are left open to allow the release of pressure and will be closed during a second surgery 48 to 72 hours later.

The condition can cause excruciating pain and may result in permanent nerve and muscle damage or amputation.

You would not have suffered compartment syndrome but for your accident injuries. Therefore, the damages you suffer because of compartment syndrome should be part of your legal recovery. A fair legal recovery may include compensation for your past and future:

Sometimes it is difficult to recover fair damages even after serious accidents that cause severe injuries, such as compartment syndrome.

The insurance company responsible for paying your damages wants to pay you as little as possible so that it can maximize its own profits. However, insurers know that the experienced personal injury lawyers of Hupy and Abraham mean business and that we will fight for your fair recovery. Accordingly, many insurers are willing to settle our clients’ claims to avoid going to court.

Your time to file an accident case is limited by law. Therefore, it’s essential to take action as soon as possible to preserve critical evidence in your case and to ensure your legal rights are protected.

The attorneys of Hupy and Abraham will thoroughly investigate your case to identify the proper defendants and value your damages. We will gather and analyze evidence including but not limited to:

Then, we will fight for your full and fair recovery.

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