Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents with a Three-Part Entrance Matting System

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents with a Three-Part Entrance Matting System

Building entryways are major thoroughfares for people as well as all of the dirt, sand, dust and debris that gets tracked into buildings on the soles of shoes, especially when the weather gets nasty. As these particles begin to accumulate on a floor, there is an increased chance that someone may slip and fall.

Unfortunately, injuries incurred from slip and fall accidents can cost a company huge sums of money. The average cost per claim is $20,228 for a slip & fall workers’ compensation claim and $100,000 median per premises liability suit.

How can these accidents be avoided? An easy way to prevent all of the moisture, dirt and debris from entering your building is to have a proper three-part entryway matting system. A system that is designed for your building’s specific needs will trap around 80% of the granules of sand, dirt, etc. from being tracked onto the rest of your flooring. The other 20% can be taken care of with daily floor care routines, such as vacuuming or dust mopping, depending on your flooring material.

Keep in mind that a functional entrance matting system isn't comprised of a one-size-fits-all set of mats. The selection of mats within your system will vary, and is dependent upon a couple of factors, including weather and the type of soils that get tracked in.

Taking those factors into account, the best type of system will generally combine three types of floor mats (scraper mats, scraper/wiper mats, and/or wiper mats) that are constructed a little differently and have different functions, which is how the 3-mat system gets its name.

An effective entryway matting system should accomplish these four things:

Additionally, you’ll find that an entryway matting system will:

Function and safety are key, but what about aesthetics? Mats come in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns and specifications to suit any building’s needs. They can even be customized with a business logo to carry your brand throughout the space.

The best time to review the state of your matting system is before or after the rainy or snow season, so that you have the opportunity to analyze the current condition of your mats and have sufficient time to order and install new ones, if needed. Although mats eventually wear out, the cost of an entryway matting system is much cheaper and less trouble than a slip and fall accident claim, or having to replace your floors due to damage.

Not sure where to begin? WAXIE can help you evaluate your entryway matting system and recommend the best combination of mats for keeping your building safe and spotless.

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