Mayor's Memos: Resolve to end distracted driving

Last updated: 01-22-2020

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Mayor's Memos: Resolve to end distracted driving

It’s January, and if you are like me, you’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions.

Every year I try to make some resolutions, and each year I tend to make ones that are out of reach, and I end up failing. I have a rResolution for you that is doable and one that could save your life.

It’s to end distracted driving. It only takes 21 days to change a habit. This is your time to change bad habits into good and safe ones while behind the wheel.

I challenge all drivers in Bluffton, whether you just started driving or if you’ve been driving for 80 years, to please take the next 21 days to really focus on doing the driving safety checklist every time you get into your vehicle.

All you need to do is, sit in the driver’s seat and take 43 seconds to make sure you have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes, and click it. I can promise this works, as I pledged to stop driving distracted last April and in 21 days my bad behaviors changed, and now when driving I leave my phone alone and keep both hands on my steering wheel.

In April, the town of Bluffton partnered with the Lutzie 43 Foundation. The objective is to inspire all drivers to make better decisions while behind the wheel.

The Lutzie 43 Foundation was formed after Auburn football player Phillip Lutzenkirchen died in a distracted driving collision in 2014. His jersey number was 43.

The 43 Key Seconds initiative aims to produce safe and successful lifelong drivers who will serve as ambassadors for change in their communities. It’s all an effort to end distracted driving.

And if you are stopped by a Bluffton police officer, don’t be surprised if you are handed a Lutzie 43 information card. It’s all part of our continuing engagement and education of distracted driving.

It is a mission of mine to save more lives through the education of the Lutzie 43 Campaign. We all need to do our parts, but we also need to help each other along the way to ensure we are all practicing safe habits behind the wheel.

Let’s all ask our state legislators to support the hands-free South Carolina bill that will be presented this year. We can do better and I hope you will support us in this endeavor.

If you ever have questions about our wonderful town, don’t hesitate to contact Town Hall at 706-4500 or email Lisa Sulka at

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