These highway safety messages suggested by Georgia drivers are hilarious

Last updated: 02-04-2020

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These highway safety messages suggested by Georgia drivers are hilarious

Here at, we’re no strangers to being snarky when it comes to bad driving, but it seems like we’ve still got some work to do, as the Georgia Department of Transportation just showed us up via its list of the winners of its new traffic safety billboard contest.

The state wanted to run safety messages on its digital traffic signs that were more up-to-date than the old “Click it or ticket” standbys, and so petitioned the public for suggestions.

To enter the contest, each entry would have to be 63 characters or less, including spaces, and had to exclude profanity. The best five slogans were then chosen in five categories: general safety; distracted driving; impaired driving; seat belt; and work zone safety.

Hundreds of slogans were entered, but only 25 winners could be chosen.

For general safety, first place was taken by “If you miss your exit it’s okay, we made more up ahead.” If we were going to choose our favourite, however, it would have been “You are allowed to use turn signals. We checked.”

In the distracted driving category, the top pick was “You look great but the selfie can wait.” Our top choice was the second-place winner: “No one wants to see traffic on Snapchat, Brenda.”

For impaired driving, how about “Driving half lit is not very bright”? We think the third place winner should have won top prize: “Don’t be a turkey and drive basted.”

Do people still not wear seatbelts? Well, hopefully this safety message will convince them to strap in: “This is a sign you should buckle up.” No? Perhaps “Wearing a seat belt makes you look thinner.”

And the final category, work zone safety: “Look left, look right, keep workers in sight.” Simple enough, but to really get the point across, we recommend the tie for third place: “Avoid destruction, mind the construction.” Rhyming is always effective.’

To view the whole list, visit GDOT’S website.

In the end, this is a good way to make people really think about their daily commute, and take care while operating a vehicle. Because when done improperly, driving can be deadly. Is this something Canada should be doing too?

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