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Drop It And Drive (DIAD) | Services | Stop Distracted Driving

Drop It And Drive® (DIAD) delivers both corporate and school seminars (programs now available for all grades) and are also frequent keynote speakers at safety conferences.

Corporate seminars are customized to the environment, features and context of your specific workplace. Seminars are structured to be thought-provoking and interactive to maximize learning across administrators, managers and staff. Science and real-life stories are shared to motivate safer behaviours in the workplace and at home, and participants are provided with practical strategies and tools to minimize distractions behind the wheel.

School presentations tailored to younger audiences are also available and can be delivered as stand-alone events or in conjunction with a corporate seminar at no additional cost. Since 2010, DIAD has presented to more than 60,000 workers and youth across North America.

This 2-minute video is an example of one of the interactive exercises we use to help drivers understand the effects of distraction on the road.

Distraction-related road user fatalities and injuries are fast overtaking all other forms of road-related deaths and injuries both on-the-job AND off-the-job. DIAD works with employers to make the workplace safer and protect the health of their workforce. Their experienced speakers help increase understanding of the types of distractions that are present in your workplace and the risks they pose. If a distracted driving policy has not yet been created for your workplace, DIAD can engage staff at all levels to recognize potential risks, facilitate discussion, and create a solid foundation to guide policy development. If a policy has been put in place, but more work is needed to implement and reinforce it through day-to-day operational practices, the DIAD team can work with managers and staff to identify achievable improvements, and share tools and strategies to build on existing practices.

“I think this presentation should be mandatory in the safety orientation of all workers in all companies.”– 2016 Western Conference on Safety

There are currently six Managing Distractions seminars offered, with additional seminar customization available to meet individual organizational needs:

There is a fixed-fee structure with a base price that includes a customization component, pre- and post-seminar online surveys, seminar delivery of approximately 3 hours, analysis of survey results and a high-level outcome report. The final fee is determined based on quantity and length of seminars, interest in related topics and resources, audience size, number of speakers and travel requirements, as well as the level of continued support for assessment, implementation plans and tactics post-seminar. Corporate clients are offered the opportunity to arrange for delivery of a youth presentation (programs now available for all grades) with the client promoted as the presentation sponsor (at no additional cost). Please contact us to discuss your requirements and cost.

Payment of 50% of seminar and travel costs is due at the time of booking and 50% upon delivery of the seminar. TIRF is a registered Canadian charity and works closely with clients to accommodate budgets as is feasible.

Seminars can also be tailored to accommodate a compressed presentation length, or extended presentation format to meet the needs of individual clients. In these instances, fees are contingent on presentation length, audience size, requests for online vs printed forms, and, travel requirements.

Our focus for school seminars is to provide students with the science of ‘how and why’ distracted driving, and distracted walking, is risky behaviour. Positive messaging and even the use of humour, as well as sharing personal stories and practical examples of real-world risks, help engage students in a conversation about the potential consequences of a moment’s distraction. At the end of each seminar, we want students to feel empowered, through increased knowledge and understanding, to be road safety ambassadors within their families, school and community.

“A ‘must’ presentation for the educational system. Powerful and realistic scenarios that make the students believe in what could ultimately happen.”– LA Matheson Secondary

To inquire about booking a school or corporate seminar, contact us via email at diad@tirf.ca or call toll-free (877) 238-5235

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