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Last updated: 03-12-2020

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Safety home

Safe driving practices A quick review of important safety practices for drivers, including seatbelts, child car seats and booster seats, checking blind spots, obeying the speed limit and yielding to other road users.

Choose a child car seat This information will help you find the right child car seat for your child's height, weight and development.

Medical review Learn about medical standards for drivers, reporting requirements for doctors and optometrists, and how the medical review process works.

Bicycle safety tips Find out the rules of the road for bikes and learn how you and your children can bike safely.

Pedestrian safety Learn the rules for drivers and pedestrians to help keep people safe when walking on Ontario roads.

School bus safety Learn the rules for driving and stopped near school buses and what children can do to stay safe when they ride a school bus.

Snowmobile safety Find out how to prepare and operate a snowmobile safely in Ontario.

Distracted driving Find out the risks of distracted driving, which devices you can and can't use and the penalties you could face.

Install a child car seat Child car seats, booster seats and seatbelts help protect children from serious injury. This page will help you make sure your child's car seat is installed correctly.

Emergency vehicles Know what to do when you pass a stopped emergency vehicle or when an emergency vehicle passes you.

Railway crossings All railway crossings on public roads in Ontario are clearly marked with signs. Roads may also be marked with a large "X" on the pavement near railway crossings. When you see any of these signs, be ready to stop.

Impaired driving Learn about Ontario's impaired driving laws and the penalties you could face if you drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Ignition Interlock Program Find out about which Ontario drivers must use an ignition interlock device in their vehicles and how the program works.

Reduced Suspension with Ignition Interlock Conduct Review Program Learn about this program to allow certain drivers convicted of a first-time alcohol-impaired driving offence under the Criminal Code to reduce their licence suspension.

Winter Highway Maintenance Learn about Winter Road Maintenance in the Province of Ontario.

MTO’s Annual Road Safety Achievement Awards MTO’s Road Safety Achievement Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups and organizations who work to improve road safety in Ontario.

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