Episode 19: Impaired Driving Experts Discuss Trends and Alternatives by The Daily Drive: Educating Parents and Teen Drivers • A podcast on Anchor

Episode 19: Impaired Driving Experts Discuss Trends and Alternatives  by The Daily Drive: Educating Parents and Teen Drivers  • A podcast on Anchor

Episode 19: Impaired Driving Experts Discuss Trends and Alternatives
The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is described as one of the deadliest and most dangerous times on America’s roadways due to an increase in impaired driving. It's important to remember that impaired driving crashes are preventable. Join us for a discussion with industry leaders addressing the growing impaired driving threats and trends on our roadways. Speakers - Kristin Smith, Head of Global Road Safety Policy at Uber  - Officer Mike Blute, Georgia Drug Recognition Expert State Coordinator with Georgia GOHS - Darrin Grondel, Vice President, Government Relations and Traffic Safety at Responsibility.org   Moderator - Mike Speck, Ford Driving Skills for Life lead driving instructor
You might not realize that driving hungover can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. We kicked off Impaired Driving Prevention Month with a conversation about Ford’s Hangover Simulation Suit. 
Episode 17: How A DUI Can Impact Your Entire Life
Can you get a DUI from using over the counter medication? Can an underage DUI create an arrest record that can follow you for the rest of your life? Our guest today is Pam Wahal, Prevention Coordinator for the Alcohol Highway Safety program with Allegheny County Pretrial Services in Pittsburg, She talks to us about our life choices and how what we do today will affect us tomorrow. 
Episode 16: A Conversation with Race Car Driver Andy Pilgrim about Ending Distracted Driving
Championship winning professional race driver and founder of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation Andy Pilgrim talks to us about educating new drivers, parents with children of ALL ages about traffic safety and the deadly problems associated with the growing US distracted driving epidemic.  Education is the key to improving knowledge and driving safety in the US. 
Episode 15: What's going on in the mind of a bicyclist?
If you pedal on the roads you know that being out there means sharing the road with drivers and pedestrians. Today's guest is Alison Dewy, Director of Education for the American League of Bicyclists.  She'll tell us about rules of the road and how cyclists, drivers and pedestrians can learn to understand each other's mindset.   The  American League of Bicyclists represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a Bicycle Friendly America. 
Episode 14: Sleep Matters
We've all had the ocassional difficult time getting enough sleep at night. But, did you know that a lack of sleep can cause problems behind the wheel? Birdie Cunningham, founder of SPNDLE and Associate Director of Health and Wellness at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota talks with us about Drowsy Driving and why sleep matters! 
Episode 13: What Not To Do Around Fire Trucks
We've all been there; driving when a first responder vehicle on its way to a scene has had to get past us.  For new drivers, this can be an unsettling experience, and believe it or not, not everyone knows what to do. Captain Keith Rogers from the Phoenix Fire Department talks to us about what you should, and shouldn't do around fire trucks rushing to a call!
Paulina Jayne is back in the house! She chats with us about getting back on the road, her first live concert since March and Nationl Teen Driver Safety Week. 
Episode 11: Coping Through COVID
Driving safely is a cognitve process that often requires control of our emotions.  In these uncertain times, keeping a close eye on the mental and emotional health of our newly licensed teens is of particular importance. Join us for a discussion with Nike Griffin-Williams, behavioral health manager at The Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to discuss these timely issues.
Episode 10: Pedestrian Safety Month
October is Pedestrian Safety Month and this week on The Daily Drive we talked to the busiest woman in Florida! Road safety advocate Melissa Wandall is involved in Walk to School Day, School Bus Safety Week, White Cane Awareness Day and even a ride along with the Sarasota Police Department to promote visibility. She has a TON to tell us! 
Episode 9: Situational Awareness
"Being safe on the road all comes down to situational awareness.  It's a fundamental skill for any safe driver."  Our special guest, multi-time karting champ, Indy 500 spotter and Ford Driving Skills for Life driving instructor Rick Fulks, told us this during his interview. He also explained how you use your eyes while driving has a huge impact on what you will be like as a driver.  
Episode 8: Railroad Crossing Safety
There are deaths and injuries that take place at railroad crossings everyday in the United States. This might seem hard to believe, but it's true.   As a parent, what can you tell your teen driver about staying safe around trains and tracks? Listen to this great conversation with Rachel Maleh, Executive Director of Operation Lifesaver Inc. She answers our questions and provides important advice that could save a life. 
Episode 7: Distraction Free Driving Culture
Join us for a conversation Michelle Johnson, whose son Connor was killed in 2011 in a vehicle crash in which he was a passenger. Through education Michelle is now on a mission to shift our driving culture to a culture that is distraction-free. Hear her story. 
Episode 6: Hang Up and Drive
We're excited to have our friends Jacy Good and Steve Johnson from Hang Up and Drive on the show. Jacy and Steve met as freshmen in college. They had plans for their careers and lives tougher, but just hours after receiving their diplomas they were thrown into a world of tragedy and overwhelming sadness. Hear their story and their journey to advocacy. 
Episode 5: Addressing Global Traffic Safety Needs
Whatever the behavior or environment, there are about 1.25 million fatalities from traffic crashes around the world each year, and many are preventable. Join us for a conversation with Coordinator of International and Special programs for the Ford Motor Company Fund Kyle Green to learn more about addressing challenging and changing global traffic safety needs.
Episode 4: Preventing Drowsy Driving
Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a drowsy driving crash and now teens might be headed back to school after six months at home. How we can return to a healthy sleep schedule to prevent drowsy driving? Join us to for a conversation with the Governors Highway Safety Association to learn the causes and the signs of drowsy driving as well as what parents can do to help their teens get sufficient sleep.
Episode 3: Paulina Jayne Shares Safe Driving Tips
A conversation with with Nashville singer/songwriter and official spokesperson for Ford Driving Skills for Life Paulina Jayne about the precautions she takes before hitting the road, her philanthropic work and why being a good musician has more to do with being a safe driver than you might think! She'll also perform her new song 'Credit'!

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