Teen driving: Pennsbury High School tops in annual safe driving video challenge

Teen driving: Pennsbury High School tops in annual safe driving video challenge

The day has come to announce the winner of the TMA Bucks Teen Driver Video PSA Challenge. Seven submissions were looked upon by Reality panelists on the topic of safe driving, and after our votes, the winner came to be Pennsbury High School.

TMA Bucks' contest challenged high school students to create a 30-second video to promote safe skills on the road. Bucks County high school students put their performance and knowledge skills to the test, in order to create a competitive product.

As winner of the contest, Pennsbury will receive a $500 grant to use in hopes of creating a safer experience on the roads.

”With this prize we are going to purchase equipment that students can use to film in their cars more effectively and safely for future PSAs," the school said in a statement. "With the staggering number of car accidents caused by teen drivers, we have the responsibility and opportunity to reach all students to remind them to be aware at all times”

Pennsbury High School students within the school’s Video Production class were given the opportunity to create a submission, and it has been a tradition within the class for the past five years. Students were especially excited to hear of the news of their success, and to see their hard work pay off. 

Pennsbury began its involvement when TMA Bucks ambassador David Walter came to inform of the problem at hand when it comes to teen driving.

He spoke of the importance of using one’s own voice to impact others. He encouraged students to participate in the contest, stressing that they will have more of an impact than a teacher or a guest speaker will on other students.

From there, it has become a tradition within the video production department educating many students in the process. 

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TMA Bucks helps others understand the importance of safe driving. In recent times, it has become challenging to experience connection and to work on a collaborative project. So, it was rewarding for not only TMA Bucks to see students working together, but it was also rewarding for students to have the opportunity.

“This school year once again was a challenging one for so many students and we would like to first and foremost thank each and every school that still found a way to submit a video,” said TMA Bucks executive director Stephen Noll.

“Teen driver safety remains an extremely important issue and these schools understand the importance of raising awareness to potentially help save lives. TMA Bucks thanks Comcast and the Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer for continuing to partner with us on this important program.”

Another successful year in the books for TMA, and for teens around the area. Safe driving is no joke, and the Safe Driving PSA Video Challenge tells the importance of that.

Life is too precious to lose it in a millisecond of confusion within a car. Every teen should be a confident and cautious driver. Safe driving is always important. 

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