Traffic management signs installed during Project Neon still aren’t up and running

Last updated: 11-07-2019

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Traffic management signs installed during Project Neon still aren’t up and running

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Project Neon is over, but remnants of the massive highway overhaul still linger. There are a total of 42 active traffic management signs along the I-15 and U.S. 95 that are still blank or have placeholder messages.

So what’s causing the hold-up? What’s taking the traffic management signs so long to get online?

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, bad fiber patches are to blame for the delay.

“We’re trying to iron out all the kinks,” said Tony Illia, a spokesperson with the Nevada Department of Transportation.

However, NDOT said the 42 signs, which were installed as part of Project Neon, should work by early next year.

“We had hoped to have some of them up and going by now. Again, it’s taking longer than anticipated, just due to the complexity involved,” Illia said.

According to NDOT, the signs will be well worth the wait because the main goal is to improve safety and traffic flow. Below are renderings of what drivers will see once they’re up and running:

The advanced technology will show real-time information about speed limit changes, lane restrictions, and detours.

“It’ll be able to notify motorists if there is a crash ahead, how long the delay is; it’ll actually even tell you which lane is blocked and which lanes to get over into,” Illia said.

Drivers 8 News NOW spoke with say they are ready for the change.

“It would help me. It would help because the signs; they direct you where you’re going,” one Las Vegas driver said.

NDOT also hopes to have humorous but important messages that read, “oh, cell, no!,” which is an anti-texting and driving campaign that started last week on the sign.

“It’s just a way of getting the word out,” Illia said.

While some drivers find them funny, others are not sure they’ll be that effective.

“It’s like telling people who smoke not to smoke,” said Barry, a Las Vegas driver. “If they are going to do it, they are going to do it. They couldn’t care less.”

NDOT says the active traffic management signs will need to operate glitch-free for 60 days before going online.

“They have undergone stand-alone testing, but there’s more testing underway,” Illia said.

Again, the signs are expected to be up and running by the beginning of next year. Once they’re activated they’ll constantly be operating.

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