New Laws Going Into Effect In 2020

New Laws Going Into Effect In 2020

Hundreds of new laws across the country took effect yesterday dealing with everything from gender neutral ID’s and marijuana use, to increased minimum wages & the use of plastic bags.

The law to most impact travel & affect millions nationwide, is a security measure that was first proposed after 9/11, but had been delayed all of these years. Beginning this October, anyone wishing to board an airplane flight must present a real ID compliant driver’s license or a passport or military ID card. To obtain this real ID, you will have to show more documentation than in the past. We have a blog post dedicated to What You Should Know About Real ID.

As of January 1, New Hampshire allows residents to put x under “sex” on their driver’s licenses instead of just M or F, for people who don’t identify as male or female. There are a total of 12 states paving the way for non-binary recognition including Arkansas, Oregon & Maine.

A total of 11 states now allow recreational marijuana (posses up to 30 grams,) with Illinois and Michigan starting yesterday. It still doesn’t necessarily make it legal to travel with marijuana, even when you have it prescribed for medical usage. There are several things you need to know when travel with medical marijuanaso we put it on a separate blog post.

Single use plastic bags are illegal in Oregon now, except when buying fish, meat or taking home dry cleaning. A total of 8 states have now banned single-use plastic bags including Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Vermont & California. Remember that even if you live in a state that does not ban them, we can all make an effort to protect the environment. One of our most popular year end posts was Ways to Reduce the Use of Plastic When Traveling.

Starting February 23rd, Florida will start issuing tickets for those texting and driving. This includes even texting while sitting at a red light. Non-moving violations are $30, where if you are driving the ticket is $60. Blue tooth and hands free modes are still fine. Wondering where to go in 2020? Here are some helpful posts & suggestions based on booking trends this past year.

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