Panama City News Herald

Panama City News Herald

On Wednesday, state and local law enforcement began enforcing a wireless communication law that makes it mandatory to use cell phones in a hands-free manner, with limited exception for GPS, emergency messages, and weather alerts. The story ran with a stock photo illustrating a senior citizen using a phone while behind the wheel.

Frank Collins: “The fines for texting driving should be the same as DUI. You know, since the results are often the same.”

Sarah Herbst Drahn: “I love the picture they used. Snowbird + texting.”

Kelly Duncan: “I don't see a license plate, how do you know she's not a local?”

Ty Adams: “Sarah Herbst Drahn in a smart car too! Living life on the edge.”

Donna E. MacLeod Coyne: “I would say back seat photo ... texting while driving has caused a lot of deaths .. .a serious matter.”

Phil Kochan: “Nanny State, Revenue Enhancement. Don’t know how police officers can stand going into work everyday.”

Susan Green: “Texting and driving kills people. You get in a car to drive from one place to another. Nothing is more important than your or someone else’s life.

David Kelly: “I wonder how they’ll prove it or if it’ll be something they ticket you for and hope you don’t contest it?”

Jacqueline Bostick: “BCSO officials said they have to see drivers actively using their phones in a handheld manner. Also, they cannot search drivers' phones without their consent.”

David Kelly: “But Jacqueline Bostick, even then they can’t prove you were doing it in court. It’s basically your word against the officer’s.”

Tracy Good Jackson: “Can we call in the plate number and have the cops send a ticket???”

Tara Kelly: “Looks like a flask in her hand not a phone.

Laura Cunningham Long: “Is this law going to be enforced????”

Jason Curfman: “I have seen, in other states, police at construction zones up on the concrete barrier peering into cars and calling in on their mics. Also, there is a new technology (I'm sure Pay County will "need") that uses AI; it’s the newest.”