Project 111 releases video for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Last updated: 04-24-2020

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Project 111 releases video for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

To honor the final week of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Project 111 is releasing a special video that was filmed in Midland. The film stars Micah Schieber and Sarah Troy, both of Midland.

Project 111 teamed up with Dow's Studio 2020 and Bolger and Battle to create a series of educational videos to be shown in schools in conjunction with the Project 111 monthly teaching topics. This video was written to help viewers understand the dangers of texting and driving exceeds even the danger of drinking and driving.

The film is called "Put It Away or Be Put in the Grave" and was released to the general public on Monday, April 20. The video is available here:

Project 111: The Safe Driving Movement is a Midland-based non-profit that teaches the principles of safe driving to teen drivers, and their parents, using incentives provided by businesses in the local community. Project 111 is now impacting the lives of students in four Midland County high schools -- Midland High, Dow High, Bullock Creek High and Coleman High -- but now, with the new online opportunities, their impact is growing.

During this time of shut-down in Michigan, Project 111 continues to serve their teen drivers by taking all their programming online, and the students have responded with enthusiasm. A recent membership drive saw over 100 students sign up in less than 36 hours. Many of the students who have newly signed up are from schools outside of Midland county.

Project 111's #stupidstaycation had numerous photo and video entries as students showed how they were creatively using their stay-at-home time during the week that would have been spring break. Winner Sophia Bergey won a $300 incentive.

An online Easter Egg Hunt of questions about distracted driving was both informative, as the teens had to look up information to correctly answer the question, and was a welcome diversion from boredom as over 50 students answered eight questions over five days to be in the running to win a $300 incentive.

"With COVID-19 upon us and our teens being out of school, Project 111 pivoted and we have moved our program completely online. We are engaging hundreds of teens through social media and are offering fun, driving related 'Quarantine Contests' each week. We are also texting them safe driving reminders directly to the palm of their hands! In a time of uncertainty and fear, Project 111 is giving teens positive messages and continues to teach them what safe driving looks like," said Sarah Schieber, executive director of Project 111.

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