Tallahassee residents concerned for pedestrians after three crashes happen with 36 hours

Tallahassee residents concerned for pedestrians after three crashes happen with 36 hours

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - A series of pedestrian crashes in Tallahassee has residents concerned for pedestrian safety while crossing busy streets.

Tallahassee saw three pedestrian accidents within 36 hours.

The first of these accidents happened Tuesday morning at Tennessee Street and North Meridian, when a man in his wheelchair was hit by a vehicle. He did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The second accident happened Tuesday evening at Crawfordville Highway and Shelfer Road.

The pedestrian crash turned deadly after a pedestrian was crossing the road when they were hit by a truck.

“It was a very low light area and it was northbound on Crawfordville Highway, very little light in that area they were not crossing at a crosswalk and unfortunately went into the path of an oncoming vehicle,” said Captain Ryan Martina with Florida Highway Patrol.

The most recent happened Wednesday night on Woodville Highway near Gaile Avenue, when a driver struck a pedestrian who was also trying to cross the road in their wheelchair.

Officials say the crash happened while it was raining and the driver told authorities they did not see the person trying to cross the road.

The condition of the pedestrian is unclear.

Residents say they are alarmed after the string of crashes.

“People be driving all fast and they don’t be watching what they doing like I see a lot of people on they phones like it’s just ridiculous, they be one their phone at the light they got headphones in their ear,” said Victoria Perry.

Some residents believe less traffic on the roads causes drivers to increase their speed.

“Because of the virus thing and because of less traffic I do believe that people are willing to kind of bend the rules a little bit,” said Paris Willis.

Florida Highway Patrol says drivers need to be aware and less distracted while on the roads.

“Make sure you’re not texting and driving, keep your eyes on the road and mindful of what you’re doing and just because there is not an intersection there just be mindful that not everybody crosses where they should cross,” said Captain Martina.