Get On the Road to a Healthier New Year- A Girls Guide to Cars

Get On the Road to a Healthier New Year- A Girls Guide to Cars

Did you know that approximately 80% of people who set resolutions in the new year fail?  Why do we think that is?  It may be because people set unrealistic goals, or they just aren’t ready to make a change yet. Not to worry, we want to help you reach some of your goals with a few ideas. You may ask, what does health have to do with your car? Actually, quite a bit. Read on to find out how you can make 2020 a healthier new year.

How many of you eat in your car or even go through the drive-thru?  If you’re constantly on the run, you know that it’s easier to just pull into the drive-thru, grab your food and drink and go back to work, or wherever you’re going.  Here’s an issue with eating in your car; it gets it dirty, and you’re sedentary.  If you’re eating fries, they can fall through that little crack in between the center console and seat, aka the hole that you can’t even slide your hand into.  Not only are you making a mess, but you’re taking the easy way out.

How many times have you spilled your drink in your car?  Instead of getting a soda, or something that is filled with sugar, drink water.  Not only is it a healthier choice but if it does spill, it’s just water, and you don’t have to worry about having a sticky mess in your center console.  Instead of eating in your car, park your car, walk into the restaurant, get your order, and sit down to take a break and eat.  It may not be that much exercise, but at least you’re moving a little bit.  Along with that, you’re taking a little break from whatever else is going on in your life.  Everyone needs a few moments to themselves during the day.

I would be lying if I said my car was currently clean. It needs to be washed and detailed. If you keep your car clean, you won’t have dust collecting everywhere, and you won’t have pollen stuck to your car, or rust. It’s not allergy season yet, but if you get into the habit of cleaning your car now, you’ll be prepared to keep up with it in the coming months. Clean your car yourself.  Yes, it might take a long time, and it can be frustrating, but you’re moving. You’re not just sitting down with a bag of chips on the couch watching Netflix.

Instead of going through a regular car wash all the time, wash the car yourself. Of course, make sure to every once in a while, go through a car wash that will wash your undercarriage to avoid rust, but it’s ok to wash it yourself too. Detail the car yourself. There have been times where I have spent hours detailing my car, but there was a feeling of accomplishment afterward.  Not to mention, saving a ton of money to do it by yourself.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean that you physically have to do it by yourself if you don’t know how!  Changing the filters in your car is more important than you think.  Those filters not only keep your car breathing and running normally, but also keep your breathing healthier.  The cabin air filter (which is located behind the glove box) is one that some people forget about.  However, that is the one that helps keep the air that’s coming into your car safe for you to breathe.  It’s similar to the filters inside of a home for the AC units.

We’ve all seen those big diesel trucks that spit out giant black clouds, and can you imagine breathing that in?  That cabin air filter will help with that.  Don’t forget to help your car breathe too!  The air filter also needs to be changed which is what helps your car (specifically the engine) breathe.

Have you ever driven by a park and thought, “hmm, I’d like to go take a walk there one day.” Stop thinking that, and start following through.  One day after work, stop and take a little stroll or if you see a path, maybe hiking is a good idea.  Of course, you always have to be safe while doing this, so use your judgment, but taking a walk is great for the body and mind.  Maybe you’ll end up loving it so much that you will do this on a regular basis.  Take your dog on these walks or hikes too, they love the exercise and time they spend with you!

I’m the type of person who likes to park really far away. I do this because I have parked in the front too many times only to come back to scratches or dings on my car. Plus, have you seen how some people park their cars?  I started parking far away to avoid that (don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s that one person who just has to park next to you). The great thing about parking far away is that you get a chance to walk a little bit. This may not be enough exercise to fulfill your daily requirement of movement, but it’s a start.

When you’re in a parking garage, how many times do you use the elevator?  Why not take the stairs every so often? If you’re winded once you get to the top, then that should be a clear sign that you need to get yourself into shape.

There are too many reported accidents caused by cell phone usage. I personally have gotten into an accident because the person who hit me was too busy texting. Because of that accident, my back has never been the same. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Texting and driving can have terrible consequences. This may not be necessarily related to your health goal for the new year, but it should still be part of your journey to living healthier. You are not only protecting yourself from getting hurt but others as well. Not to mention, you’re taking a little bit of time away from your phone, since the majority of the population is glued to their cell phones.

Now you’re ready to make 2020 a healthier new year!

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