Kevin Hart Drives Classic Mustang Distracted

Last updated: 03-03-2021

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Kevin Hart Drives Classic Mustang Distracted

Comedian Kevin Hart was recently photographed by paparazzi texting on his phone while driving a classic Ford Mustang in Los Angeles. While it’s enraging to see a celebrity engage in a risky maneuver while apparently flouting the law, even more disturbing to us is he obviously isn’t enjoying the connected, analog experience of driving a classic pony car. That alone should be a crime and is reason enough for the man to consider driving something which is more appropriate for that kind of behavior, like a Hyundai Sonata.

Maybe Hart could go a little sportier with a Kia Stinger (the car which sounds like a bumble bee buzzing by). Anyway, the press is freaking out since the guy was in a serious car accident just 18 months ago when he was a passenger in Menace, a restomod 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda modified by Speedkore. As all of you know, texting and driving is about as dangerous as drinking and driving.

According to witnesses, Hart wasn’t speeding but he was driving recklessly. Apparently, he was so distracted by texting and talking on his phone he was weaving in and out of traffic and fluctuating his speed erratically on the 405 between Irvine and Long Beach on February 21. One would think after escaping death and going through painful, difficult physical therapy Hart would be more careful behind the wheel. Maybe he thinks since it was another man’s careless driving which led to that crash he’s in the clear?

If you’re going to treat driving as a chore you’d rather pretty much ignore, the least you can do is drive some meh newer car which isn’t all that valuable and babysits you while you “drive.” Or, if Hart’s concerned about his image and how it would be hurt by driving just a regular car, he could go for a Tesla and put that thing on Autopilot while dealing with whatever conversation is more important than the safety of everyone around him, not to mention the fate of a classic Ford Mustang.

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