'Loving, caring' mother, crash survivor who warned against driving and texting, dies from illness

'Loving, caring' mother, crash survivor who warned against driving and texting, dies from illness

Judith Barsanti talks about the car crash that changed her life forever. First published in January, 2020.

A mother who had a second chance at life, after surviving a horrific crash that left her wheelchair bound, has died.

Judith Marion Barsanti, 70, died on Wednesday surrounded by her loved ones after a life of trials and triumphs.

She spoke to Stuff in January 2020, cautioning motorists against the dangers of texting and driving, 11 years after a horrific crash forced her to live her senior years in a wheelchair.

Barsanti’s job had been delivering newspapers. During her run on January 31, 2009, her vehicle was hit by an oncoming car near Palmerston North. The driver was texting when the crash occurred.

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The collision broke her ankle and pelvis, tore her bladder, and left her fighting for her life in ICU in Palmerston North Hospital for eight days.

Her daughter Anna Barsanti treasured every moment since the crash as a second chance to share her life with her mum.

"We thought we had lost her the day of the accident. We were just so lucky we had all that extra time.”

In recent months Judith Barsanti had been hospitalised several times as her heart and lungs began to fail.

Family gathered to say their goodbyes over the past week, sharing their last special moments by her side.

She was a strong woman who didn't let her injures stand in the way of living her life as best as she could, Anna Barsanti said.

“She tried to make the most of when she was feeling good, she just loved being in the sunshine.

"She would do anything for anybody to help them. She was such a loving, caring, happy person.”

Anna Barsanti said her family was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they had received from everyone her mother had touched during her lifetime.

Barsanti is survived by her husband Don Barsanti and their four children Pete, Jo, Anna and Rob, and grandchildren Darian and McKayia.

A funeral will be held at Terracehaven Chapel, 697 Main St, Palmerston North, at 10am on Saturday.

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