Petition seeks to change Oxford intersection after deadly crash

Petition seeks to change Oxford intersection after deadly crash

OXFORD, Miss. — Thousands of people have signed a petition to change a north Mississippi intersection. They say a fix is needed after a crash last week killed a father and his two young children.

Flowers and orange paint mark the spot on Highway 6 and F.D. Buddy East Parkway in Oxford where a crash killed a father and his two children.

40-year-old John Ellington, his six-year-old daughter Evangeline and four-year-old son Lincoln died in a garbage truck crash.

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Some who live in the area told FOX13 what needs to happen is all too obvious.

Allen Bishop said he travels through the intersection regularly.

“The first thing I would do is to slow it down from a half mile before you get to it instead of you can come through it at 65 miles per hour. That doesn’t slow traffic down at all,” said Bishop.

More than five thousand people have signed a petition to remove confusing yellow lights at the intersection and change the speed limit or add rumble strips.

“I would say the green light should be on, and the yellow light should never be involved,” Bishop said. “There should only be green that you are safe or red that you are supposed to stop. The yellow just confuses people, and they have blind spots in their vehicle.”

MDOT Northern District Highway Commissioner John Caldwell said none of the requests on the petition seemed unreasonable.

Caldwell says engineers are working with investigators right now to see what exactly needs to be done to make the intersection safer.

“For people that are texting and driving and putting on makeup and changing the radio, yeah, rumble strips might not be a bad idea either,” Bishop said.

All of the changes are too late to save the Ellington’s but aim to keep another family from suffering such a loss.

The mother of a first-grader at nearby Lafayette County Elementary school started the petition. She didn’t want to go on camera but told FOX13 she started the petition because her family had a near miss at a similar intersection in central Mississippi.

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