Thousands of drivers busted by new roadside weapon

Thousands of drivers busted by new roadside weapon

Australian drivers have been snapped using a mobile phone while driving with no hands on the wheel, wearing a toga without wearing a seatbelt, and even eating breakfast while texting and driving.

The bad behaviour has been photographed by dual mobile and seatbelt cameras trialled across Queensland.

In a five-month trial last year, more than 2000 Queenslanders were caught on camera without a seatbelt, and more than 15,000 were snapped behind the wheel using a mobile phone.

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The results have left even the most seasoned police officers shocked.

"I expected some fairly high figures. I never expected those figures," Acting Chief Superintendent Ray Rohweder told Today.

Mr Rohweder said he's seen his fair share of crashes.

"It is crushing, particularly when it's obvious from the start what's occurred, and how easily it could've been prevented," he said.

But it's not just Queensland that's in the crosshairs.

Mobile phone detection cameras have shed light on bad driver behaviour across multiple states.

NSW was first to put the devices in action.

A trial between January and June of 2019 found 1 in 82 drivers were using their phone illegally.

There are now 45 cameras being rolled out permanently.

So far, 15,000 drivers have copped the $394 penalty.

In Victoria, a three-month trial found one in 50 drivers were caught out, but no fines were issued.

They will be rolled out permanently by 2023.

South Australia roads will see them used by September 2022, and by the second half of this year, they will be in the ACT.

A trial is being considered in Tasmania, but as of yet there no known plans for one in NT or WA.

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